Visual Narration

Students from the Yale School of Management, Yale School of Art, and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv have collaborated to create visual responses to papers written by senior faculty at Yale SOM.



Students: Daniel Barash, Tor Vardimon, Ori Singer
Additional Mentors: Katya Oicherman, Yoav Ziv, Chanan Greenblatt

UniQorn is a sustainable response to urban planning created by students in a Yale and Shenkar collaborative course setting. It is a visual response to Made By Mistake, an article illustrating how initial mistakes increasingly result in prefered outcomes making these ‘mistakes’ unique solutions. UniQorn aims to redefine urban planning by repurposing urban architectural mistakes and allowing communities to participate in the process.


Students: Noa Kressel, Ido Sapir
Additional Mentors: Hila Ben Navat

How do you visualize a viral event? What does it look like when a successful buzz is created? Buzzwall aims to turn the lifespan of a hashtag into a visual one. Buzzwall used the twitter API while tracking Greater London, UK. It is a visual response to Managing Buzz an article modelling incentives to engage in word of mouth (or buzz) about a product and demonstrating how the commercial sector leverages this through marketing.

Museum of Empirical Values

Students: Adva Kremer, Guy Naor
Additional Mentors: Katya Oicherman, Yoav Ziv, Chanan Greenblatt

A platform was created to make woven reproductions of artworks using Jacquard looms connected to Google Trends, a search engine providing information on the public’s interest levels in specific artworks. It is a visual response to Beauty is in the Bid of the Beholder: An Empirical Basis for Style" an article employing cluster algorithms and price data to develop systematic methods of "measuring" art in relation to style & empirical values.