Social entrepreneurship

‘Good Intentions’ is a multidisciplinary, cross border course. Shenkar fashion and visual communications students collaborated with Wharton MBA students. Tasked with the issue of social entrepreneurship they explored outcomes through the lens of multi-media design. The collaboration fosters dialog between business brains and creatives.  This course is based on “The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook”, written by Prof. Jim Thompson from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


We Are Not

Students: Yossi Abodi and Bar Bukai
Additional Mentors: Maya Arazi, Gal Cohen

We Are Not is a brand developed for an online marketplace to connect international buyers with sellers of goods with a positive social benefit to help alleviate poverty in developing countries.

Carpe Cibum

Students: Roni Artzi, Tamar Rabinovich
Additional Mentors: Maya Arazi, Gal Cohen

Carpe cibum means “seize the food” in Latin.

In these Baroque-inspired still lifes the viewer is initially attracted to a beautiful image of bountiful plenty, but on closer examination decay is revealed, highlighting food waste.

The creative execution references the Vanitas genre to spark an emotional reaction to a problem.


Shenkar fashion and textile students were given a study by The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania entitled Feed the World. Tasked with the issue of helping meet global demand for nutrition while minimizing environmental impact they explored outcomes through the lens of multi-media design. Below are a number of students projects that stemmed from this exploration.



Students: Nitsan Biran, Ella Oren
Additional Mentors: Maya Arazi, Hadas Himmelschein, Alisa Levinton

Problem: After visiting and researching modern farms students discovered that agriculture is irrelevant to the young “urban” generation. Previously, farmers and agronomists were regarded as the core of society so students felt farming should be reintroduced to urban life.

Solution: Create AgriActive, a clothing line designed for urban farming, agricultural workwear styled with ‘sports chic’ using fabrics that breathe and repel sweat and soil. Targeted at young urbanites the aim of AgriActive is to accelerate the trend for community gardens within cities where people share responsibilities and come together to grow food.


Please Pass Right

Students: Shir Shtarker, Guy Megides
Additional Mentors: Maya Arazi, Hadas Himmelschein, Alisa Levinton

1 out of 9 people  in the world suffers  from severe malnutrition.

According to research there  are enough resources for everyone, they  are just not properly distributed.

In a Utopian world every powerful continent  would transfer to the continent to its right  the resources needed to create an egalitarian universe. Students created an item of clothing to represent this idea—the fabric depicts infographics illustrating the wealth of continents—the cut of the garment represents hybrid cultures.