Nation Brand Initiative

The project was inspired by the Best Countries report written by Prof. Reibstein in partnership with U.S.News, Y&R & BAV Consulting. A disruptive branding exercise that tackles the many gaps existing today between perceptions and realities of places.


An Israeli Portrait

Students: Rotem Adrian
Additional Mentors: Nurit Koniak

A visual live mapping of the emotional state of a country based on a constant feed of emotions collected online. An interactive experience allowing viewers to observe the effect of events and how these change the collective state of mind of the country.


Students: Daniel Barash and Ori Zinger
Additional Mentors: Nurit Koniak

This project is based on a documentary of Oumaima Erhali, a Moroccan surfer girl talking about her everyday life. The students were inspired by her story and used it to challenge the stereotypical representation of modern day life in Morocco, illustrating life from a young girl’s perspective. The content challenges pre-conceived ideas about gender equality, tradition and the constraints of life in a Muslim country.


Students: Adi Ron
Additional Mentors: Nurit Koniak

An interactive platform allowing users to describe in words opinions about Israel. The platform translates these sentences into an audio visual experience, which can be shared with the community.

A Curious Mind

Students: Elior Karmani
Additional Mentors: Nurit Koniak

An interactive platform showcasing Weizmann Institute research through experimental touch points where learning is a playful process. Discovering alternative ways of producing energy, the user takes part in a scientific experiment and thought process.