Global Ideation Sprints

A collaborative initiative where curated student teams, alumni, faculty and startups rethink solutions to contemporary challenges. Participants include practitioners and professors with real experience: Google, Amazon, Twitter, Travelocity, Yahoo, Uber, Lyft, Samsung. With the possibility for follow-through implementation and actionable deliverables.


8 Day Workshop 2018

Additional Mentors: Cyril Afsa, Tsila Hassine
Schools: EnsAD, Paris + Shenkar, Tel Aviv

A design/engineering workshop in which students and faculty participated in an intensive 4 day experience in each city respectively. The objective of these workshops was to compare their impressions from a local perspective, to imagine and develop research tools and to build up new representations of nations (habits, internet bubbles, cinematic representation etc). The final presentations were showcased in the DLD Innovation Festival 2018 in Tel Aviv as part of the French Innovation and Business Salon.

Visualizing the Future
2 Day Sprint 2016

Additional Mentors: Roni Michaely
Schools: Cornell Tech, NYC + Shenkar, Tel Aviv

A two-day “sprint” design challenge sponsored by Amdocs, AOL, GE and Sears. The interdisciplinary groups collaborated to devise solutions and final projects were presented to top-tier judges from business, academia and startup.